Sunday's at 5p

Leader-Juan Gonzalez

Location: Choir Room

A 6-session study on evangelism from Greg Laurie, one of the nation's most prominent pastors and evangelists.

This study helps group members identify people and places already in their daily routines, encouraging and empowering them to share the good news of Jesus Christ.


  • Look beyond the discomfort and see the joy of sharing your faith.
  • Develop confidence and joy in talking about Jesus.
  • Turn evangelism into something you want to do.
  • Learn more about what Scripture has to say about sharing your faith.
  • Explore the biblical basis for evangelism.
  • Understand the power of your testimony.

The Armor of God

Laurie Gilmore is a wife and mom with a passion to know Jesus more intimately. She wants to dig into God's Word with other women. A very real enemy is present, but together you can learn to gird yourself up for this battle called life.

Bible Study: The Armor of God by Priscilla Shier 

Sundays @ 5:00p.

Location: GIFT Life Group Room (FLC- A1)